Does your scalp smell?

Ssmelly-fartcalp odor can affect anybody, but it’s not something we desire.  I’m not speaking of those that don’t wash their hair regularly I’m speaking of those that have good hygiene & nothing seems to work your scalp just smells bad.  Well chances are the issue is Internal. Studies show that those struggling with this issue may have yeast overgrowth called candida.  Candida is a fungus, It is suppose to function as a friendly fungus and help’t to run off harmful bacteria that enter the body, but when candida begins to grow heavily in the body, things like smelly scalp can happen, some things that you can do is try eliminating starchy & sugary foods from your diet and you will be surprised as to how much that will help.  Sometimes a hormonal Imbalance can play a factor in scalp & body odors, either way a healthy diet will help to get balanced & help with candida.