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Today the world teaches us to cover up & hide, treat & not cure. This is destroying womens beauty. I want more than anything for women to be confident in their own skin, but nowadays we can’t walk out the door without our makeup being on fleek (I think that’s the new word lol. (FYI not against makeup just the dependence on it) However back to my point, beauty starts from the Inside out and lately I’ve been seeing women struggle with their skin acne, eczema, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation & since I struggled with it in the past and cured it holistically I want to help with you with your beauty, by the way I dont have chronic acne anymore. Healthy beauty is your skin, hair & body, if these things are not reflecting your beauty for the better then some changes need to be made from the Inside out. Diet changes are needed, & natural topical care is needed. Today we abuse our bodies and health it’s time we care for our beauty (temple) that God has given us.

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Healthy Hair & Skin Starts Internally

Beauty 411

Do you have acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, slow hair growth, smelly scalp or any type of beauty condition?  Beauty starts Internally, as salon professionals can temporarily fix some of these beauty conditions, but to permanently get rid of unwanted problems that deal with your beauty must be dealt with from the Inside out.  Your first step is to change your diet and eat healthy to help to balance your hormones, so your body can metabolize properly.  Also try not to stress, stress affects our beauty more than you know.

Tip #1 Get a coach to help you eat for your beauty

Tip#2 Care for you beauty topically gently

Tip#3 Maintenance your beauty by getting regular facials, massages, hair treatments and skin treatments.

Our company Santreasures LLC provides services for women Internally & Externally, if you desire to make a change this year in your beauty contact us!

Ask yourself what does your beauty say about your health?

What does health say about your beauty?

Beauty 411

Skin Problems: can be due to digestive, hormonal, lack of b vitamins deficiencies and Improper skin care

Hair Problems:can be due to malabsorption, lack of zinc & protein, also Improper hair care

Nail problems: can be a result of zinc deficiency, thyroid Imbalance etc….

Beauty must first be addressed with a healthy diet, so your body can run smoothly, your 2nd step to obtain optimal beauty is proper beauty care.  Make sure you’re using the   using the right products for your  hair, and skin type.  Knowing the right beauty essentials, and the right wellness plan is critical to keeping your  hair, skin & nails healthy.

We offer free consultations to get you pointed in the right direction, so you can look & feel your best, contact us for more information.