Soft look

Hey Ya’ll!  Today I’m sharing my OOTD!  I like a soft fresh look, so the look for today was a simple pastel pattern dress, with black pumps, and my makeup was a soft matte look,  I wore this to church this morning.  This look can be worn to church, work or even an evening dinner date with the hubby.  I like different looks so on my blog you will see me wear all kind of looks.


Healthy Relaxed hair regimen



So hey loves!  I wanted to share my regimen with you.  So first let me say my goal is not to grow my hair way down my back because I like short hair, however my hubby likes hair so we meet in the middle THE BOB and that’s what I have right now, but my goal is to have my front longer than the back and right now its longer in the back.  So anyhoo I will be keeping my hair at bob length plus it really looks good on my face and my height.  FYI when picking your style you should pick a style that fits your lifestyle (ex:  if you work out, or have to wash your hair more often than not, or if you can go weeks without washing your hair, or the time you have)  these things should be considered when you are picking a hairstyle that’s for you.  You may ask what does that accomplish well it eliminates stress to a small degree by keeping it simple for your lifestyle it also will help with your confidence because you will be happy with your hair,  So with that being said let me tell you what my regimen is for healthy relaxed hair.  Below I will provide a bullet list to make it easier for me and you.

  • Relax every 4 months (mizani regular) I apply the relaxer and then shampoo it right out with mizani neutralizer and follow with shea moisture shampoo or biolage hydrsource shampoo
  • Wash with sulfate free shampoo weekly ( shea moisture sulfate free shampoo)
  • Deep condition weekly (shea moisture repair conditioner)
  • Clarify every once a month (biolage dandruff shampoo)
  • Protein treatment as needed (aphogee)
  • Trim every 4 months
  • Moisturize & seal every night & wrap (It’s  a 10 leave- in and seal with grapeseed oil, or almond oil)

So this is what I do, this works for me because I’m at my desired length so my thing is to keep my hair hydrated vibrant and healthy!  The above picture is my wash day which was today you can see that I have a wavy texture when my hair is wet and that’s because I don’t relax my hair bone straight I put the relaxer in then shampoo it out right away.  So  anyhow I posted that picture to show you the process of my regimen on wash day.  I hope you enjoy.


One love

Why I relaxed my natural hair

natural to relaxed


First let me say that hair is hair and as a woman you should do your hair the way you like it.  Let me address the elephant in the room (you know the one that said you don’t like who you are as a black woman because you relax your hair) well let me say this I truly did not believe that all women who relax their hair wanted to look European, and so  I came to this conclusion that for me relaxed hair is easier.  Now I look great with my natural hair and I could manage it but it took too much time out of my life considering that I’m a working mother, and wife, so it was kinda stressful.  Nothing I felt should be taking up so much time in my life especially hair.  So my thoughts now…. I believe that as a black woman relaxing does not mean that you don’t love the way you look, some actually prefer straight hair, some do it to be more manageable, heck there are some white women that use permanent straighteners because their hair can be curly too so does that make them more white?  At the end of the day I’m proud to be a black woman and when I relax my hair it doesn’t look European it has a textured straight look, and loving yourself is something that is on the Inside.  So relaxing has help me to spend more time with my family and things that are more Important to me than my hair.

Now let me address the other elephant the health factor.  I believe in healthy beauty but as I always stated health starts from the inside out, you can be natural and eat a very unhealthy diet and so it wouldn’t matter if your natural or relaxed, now sure natural is healthier than relaxed, but if your hair is causing you stress that’s not  healthy so balance is everything.  So if you prefer to relax like myself do it in moderation 4 to 5 times a year, also eat a healthy diet if being  healthy is Important to you, and don’t stress, enjoy life and you! If your natural same thing eat a healthy diet, and enjoy your life.  I don’t see why we have to be divided were all black women lets embrace our relaxed, natural, texturized hair, because at the end of the day we are women of color and you will always be a black woman no matter how you do your hair.  I wanted to address this because we have too much division over hair.  Be bold, black, and beautiful in whatever hairstyle you desire!

One Love

What I do for my skin

I had nice skin for 28 years, but at the age of 28 ( I’m now 36) the acne bullies appeared and my goodness I was horrified!  I always took care of my hair & skin because I enjoy being a lady, so this was not good.  Anyhoo I started to by acne potions and lotions and they worked to a certain extent but it was not effective enough, so I tried dermatologist and they prescribed me some pills, but I was not OK with taking those, so I turned to natural health solutions and began to change my diet according to the things I was reading and guess what success was mine I got rid of my chronic acne! Now I’m not saying that I don’t ever get a pimple but rather that I don’t have chronic acne anymore, so my skin stays clear for the most part.  I may get 1 or 2 zits if I’m stressed or ate something I shouldn’t have.  So let me tell you what I did, well it’s pretty basic, I gave up all dairy, all grains except for corn and basmati white rice,  I eat low sugar fruits and I gave up some of the night shade veggies, here’s a link of a list of night shade veggies  Dr. axe is someone I follow on natural health so check him out.  The reason these food affect skin is because they can cause hormonal Imbalances and gut Imbalances based on what I studied and it  worked in my life, so hey why not try it.  Also I can only eat lima and great northern beans.  Oh! stress eliminate stress as much as possible its a skin Nazi.  I hope this help beautiful skin is what we desire so sacrifices  have to be made lol.  Beauty starts from the inside out literally.

healed skin