Godly Beauty

Beauty is awesome, the very fact that God made us beautiful as women is something that makes you feel all fuzzy inside, I want to take a minute to speak on Internal beauty, and I mean your Spiritual beauty because truth be known beauty shines through from the Inside out starting with your Spirit first, then caring for your health so in other words being a good steward of your temple, and the glam & accessories is the icing on the cake, but the substance is in the Ingredients to determine whether it your cake is  good or bad for you & others, the cake is the result or appearance ask yourself does it look good naturally?  And the icing is the makeup & hairstyles etc… SO I’m saying that true beauty is having a beautiful Spirit a heart that desires to glorify God with your beauty first and so let Him use you for the purpose He has for your life so that you can be a witness to others so God can be glorified.  Be a beautiful cake made of non-toxic Ingredients so you can you can be a miraculous food for those in the wilderness like manna.  Beauty is deep, don’t think it’s small because beauty serves a purpose when used in a Godly manner.  I love ya!  Beauty is Health Spirit, Soul, & Body

Is your beauty suffering?


I ask this question because I see beauty suffer everyday.  Did you know that your hair, skin & body suffers when we don’t care for our temple holistically.  You cannot be at your best if you don’t get the right nutrition, use healthier products, and walk in stress, these things weigh heavily on our beauty.  I want to encourage women to make healthier choices when it come to giving your beauty what it needs.  God made us (women) beautiful for a reason it can open doors for you, and a beautiful (Godly) Spirit can help you to walk in your purpose.  Beauty is not glamorizing (even though its fun, and we can do it) but rather beauty is caring for your beauty (you) being a good steward of what God has made and that’s you!

Bored With your natural hair???


Get a cut if your bored, you don’t have to get it cut short like this photo although it is cute.. I know everybody does not want to go short, but the Important thing to remember is to have shape to your hair, if you don’t have shape then your hair can look unkept.  Once you get your hair shaped remember that hydration for coily hair is essential, & natural products work best with natural hair just saying!  Don’t be bored with your hair & adore it with some shape!

Does your scalp smell?

Ssmelly-fartcalp odor can affect anybody, but it’s not something we desire.  I’m not speaking of those that don’t wash their hair regularly I’m speaking of those that have good hygiene & nothing seems to work your scalp just smells bad.  Well chances are the issue is Internal. Studies show that those struggling with this issue may have yeast overgrowth called candida.  Candida is a fungus, It is suppose to function as a friendly fungus and help’t to run off harmful bacteria that enter the body, but when candida begins to grow heavily in the body, things like smelly scalp can happen, some things that you can do is try eliminating starchy & sugary foods from your diet and you will be surprised as to how much that will help.  Sometimes a hormonal Imbalance can play a factor in scalp & body odors, either way a healthy diet will help to get balanced & help with candida.

4C Healthy Hair Hydration

4C hair which I have is the hair that most women have a hard time moisturizing simply because the products out there don’t help our hair, however my product hydrates all hair types especially 4c hair.  With Hair Beverage your hair will thrive and be at its healthiest.  We all know that dry brittle hair breaks & we can’t have that!   Hair Beverage is a Natural Hair line that is guaranteed to nourish your hair from the Inside out of the hair strand.   Using natural products like Hair Beverage not only benefits the hair but benefits your health too!  Because whatever comes in contact with our skin enters our bloodstream, so Hair Beverage is not harmful nor does it interfere with your hormones which benefits your beauty, don’t sleep on Hair Beverage !  Love ya!

healthy 4c hair