What I do for my skin

I had nice skin for 28 years, but at the age of 28 ( I’m now 36) the acne bullies appeared and my goodness I was horrified!  I always took care of my hair & skin because I enjoy being a lady, so this was not good.  Anyhoo I started to by acne potions and lotions and they worked to a certain extent but it was not effective enough, so I tried dermatologist and they prescribed me some pills, but I was not OK with taking those, so I turned to natural health solutions and began to change my diet according to the things I was reading and guess what success was mine I got rid of my chronic acne! Now I’m not saying that I don’t ever get a pimple but rather that I don’t have chronic acne anymore, so my skin stays clear for the most part.  I may get 1 or 2 zits if I’m stressed or ate something I shouldn’t have.  So let me tell you what I did, well it’s pretty basic, I gave up all dairy, all grains except for corn and basmati white rice,  I eat low sugar fruits and I gave up some of the night shade veggies, here’s a link of a list of night shade veggies https://draxe.com/nightshade-vegetables/  Dr. axe is someone I follow on natural health so check him out.  The reason these food affect skin is because they can cause hormonal Imbalances and gut Imbalances based on what I studied and it  worked in my life, so hey why not try it.  Also I can only eat lima and great northern beans.  Oh! stress eliminate stress as much as possible its a skin Nazi.  I hope this help beautiful skin is what we desire so sacrifices  have to be made lol.  Beauty starts from the inside out literally.

healed skin

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