Godly Beauty

Beauty is awesome, the very fact that God made us beautiful as women is something that makes you feel all fuzzy inside, I want to take a minute to speak on Internal beauty, and I mean your Spiritual beauty because truth be known beauty shines through from the Inside out starting with your Spirit first, then caring for your health so in other words being a good steward of your temple, and the glam & accessories is the icing on the cake, but the substance is in the Ingredients to determine whether it your cake is  good or bad for you & others, the cake is the result or appearance ask yourself does it look good naturally?  And the icing is the makeup & hairstyles etc… SO I’m saying that true beauty is having a beautiful Spirit a heart that desires to glorify God with your beauty first and so let Him use you for the purpose He has for your life so that you can be a witness to others so God can be glorified.  Be a beautiful cake made of non-toxic Ingredients so you can you can be a miraculous food for those in the wilderness like manna.  Beauty is deep, don’t think it’s small because beauty serves a purpose when used in a Godly manner.  I love ya!  Beauty is Health Spirit, Soul, & Body

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